About Grieg

Hi, I’m Grieg, the latest addition to the Foodwhirl team. I’m a photographer by night, and bored during the day so I have plenty of time to be creative when it comes to trying out new recipes. Ages ago I ran a Deli/Bakery for too many years to count,  so I’m into creating unique sweets. And my dear husband doesn’t appreciate my dessert menu due to he can’t put hot sauce on it, so I’m here to share it with your guys instead!

As for cooking, I like to figure out how to take a few basic ingredients and turn them into something special. I am all about having a fun dinner party with friends, each of us bringing something special to the “table”. (pun intended) Somehow, if it is not a dessert, it is an ever so delicious cocktail.

I’m also really excited about the Techniques section… I’ll be writing up some great techniques for cake decorating using unusual tools from around the house!

Where else to find me…
If you’re looking for a children’s or wedding photographer in the Atlanta, GA area, come visit me at Grieg Wehr Photography or my flickr.

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