About Patricia

Hi, I’m Patricia. I grew up in Georgia with a Korean mother who cooked everything from homemade biscuits and gravy to bulgogi equally well.  She rarely used recipes except when she baked a red velvet cake.

I believe this is why I don’t really follow recipes (and why I love red velvet cake).  I may consult a recipe for general guidance, but when I’m in the kitchen I prefer to wing it.  Recipes, like rules, are open to interpretation.

I currently live in California with a socially dysfunctional cat in a tiny apartment without windows. Well, technically there are windows. There just isn’t any sunlight.  That’s right folks, I managed to find the one apartment in sunny California that has no sun exposure.

While I still cherish a perfect biscuit and a proper barbecue, these days I try to eat local, organic, and healthy foods but without the attitude.  I focus on flavor and simple cooking.

And in the last two years, while dating a wonderful man with two children, I’ve learned a lot about cooking for kids without making too many compromises.

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