About talkoftomatoes

Ciao! I sometimes guest post for Foodwhirl, so here are a few tidbits so you know who is behind all the ‘talk.’

My blog is Talk of Tomatoes (www.talkoftomatoes.com).
I have been blogging for over 4 years; I live in Seattle. I blog a lot about Italian food, go-to recipes, cooking methods, make-ahead meals and party food. I chatter about all this because: I am a mom (family-friendly food—with a nod toward time), chef (a year of the blog was about cooking school), expat (I am from Seattle, but currently living in Italy for a year), friend (I love giving food gifts—so you will find lots of ideas about gifts from my kitchen) and sister (ideas for big-family dinners, entrees for freezers, heirloom recipes and take-along appetizers).

My other blog is Family Frolics. (www.familyfrolics.com)
This is where I (and if I am lucky, my husband and sons write some too!) blog about our family adventures. Recent forays include cycling in Holland, Belgium and France. Landing in London, living in Florence, a state-side visit and taking a 6 day Tuscan road trip.

I hope you enjoy Foodwhirl as much as I do!

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