Easy Entertaining: The Tangtini

Now that Grieg is an official host on Foodwhirl, I’m updating these old posts to show they are by him. – Dot

Foodwhirl’s lovely friend, Grieg (inventor of the Cheesecake Cookie Cupcakes), offered to share a few of his favorite easy entertaining drink recipes…  Here is the first one, the Tangtini!


I present to you the very simple, but oh so yummy Tangtini.  This can be done shaken, or if you prefer on a hot day, as a blended drink.

Blended: 1 part* tang to 2 parts vodka, fill blender 2/3 full with ice and blend.

Shaken: 1 part** tang to 2 parts vodka, shake over ice….

Both can be served in a margarita or martini glass rimmed with tang and garnished with an orange.

* use the cap of the tang bottle as your measuring cup.
** use a shot glass to measure.

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