Fruit Bassinet

Looking for something great to be the centerpiece of a baby shower? This is it!! A sweet baby bassinet made out of a watermelon and filled with fruit. Who could resist!! It was the biggest hit of an owl themed baby shower that I helped throw for my sister recently.


Supplies needed:
*ribbon, if needed
serving tray or covered cookie sheet


Cut watermelon in half but only 2/3 of the way down lengthwise as shown in the picture. Scoop out all of the melon and set aside to serve separately.

Cut a cantaloupe in half. Only used one half for the face. Clean off seeds and cut off peel. I used a 1/4 tsp. measuring spoon to core out eyes and hole for pacifier. Place toothpicks in eye sockets to secure grapes for eyes. Place pacifier in mouth hole and secure with toothpicks if needed to hold it up.

Place fruit head in watermelon bassinet and surround with fruit. I added a bow out of ribbon for a little extra decor. Put watermelon on serving tray or covered cookie sheet and surround with remaining fruit. I served the watermelon in a separate bowl to the side. Enjoy!!!!

Photo courtesy of my neighbor: A. Spaulding
Complete photo tutorial on my blog:

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