A great use for leftovers

(a foodwhirl re-run.. so good we ran it again!)

Okay, so remember that roast pork I made a little while ago? Well, it makes a lot of meat, and we always try to freeze some to use at a later date. Last night I didn’t feel like cooking anything elaborate, so I looked in the pantry and the freezer to see what I could throw together.

I had some high fiber tortillas (do you know about these? La Banderita makes an Extreme Fiber version that has 12 grams of fiber per tortilla!), some sour cream, some salsa, some cheese, a can of tomatoes and chilies and some spinach. In the freezer – leftover pork and some corn.

I rolled the thawed pork, the corn and some spinach up in the tortillas and laid them in a glass baking dish. With the sour cream and salsa I made a sauce (mix together equal parts of each) and poured it over top of the rolled-up tortillas. Sprinkle tomatoes and chilies over that and grate cheddar cheese over the whole thing. Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the whole thing looks brown and bubbly.

For the boy – who doesn’t tolerate spicy foods as well as his father and I do – I made a quesadilla. Same ingredients, just sans salsa and tomatoes and chilies. I just layered cheese, pork, corn and spinach on one side of a tortilla, folded it over and placed in a hot skillet. Let it cook on one side for 3 minutes or so, until the cheese starts to melt. Flip it over and let it cook on the second side until it browns. Cut with a pizza cutter and serve.

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