Ancho Swordfish with Ginger-Sweet Potato Mash

Check out this gorgeous dinner from the lovely Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes!  This truly looks like something you’d pay a fortune for at the fancy foodie restaurant of your choice.  So how about treating yourself and making it at home?  A romantic dinner, perhaps?

Janelle writes… “I started thumbing through some of those cookbooks and was circling curries (from India? from Thailand? green or red?) while simultaneously unpacking another box of cookbooks (just moved home from Italy), when I landed on one called Mod Mex.

The Mexican food I put on our home table is paltry at best. A few little tacos gathering on a plate, enchiladas all gussied up, fajitas with homemade salsa and guacamole. Not terribly adventuresome—and not giving proper kudos to a cuisine bursting with all sorts of spicy chilies and peppers, cool citrus, masa, crema, paella, soul-stirring mole sauces and long-roasted, fork-pulled pork. Add in cinnamon and bananas, churros, squash, sopas, beans, empanadas, jicama, all manner of seafood and cilantro. What I love about delving into a new cuisine is wrapping my mind their go-to spices and herbs, and the fruits, vegetables and proteins that define their cultural table. Mexican cuisine is a beautiful cuisine. And with this post, and recipe: my little culinary bird is spreading her wings.”

Read the whole thing, and get the recipe! Ancho-seared Swordfish with Ginger-Sweet Potato Mash, seared Escarole and Mango Mojo De Ajo

I’ve been working with Janelle to do some fixes to her website, and in the process have been running across tons of her cool recipes — so if you’ve never checked out her blog, Talk of Tomatoes, I highly recommend! And she’s done guest posts for Foodwhirl too!

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Happy Saint Patty's day: just add pesto.

Happy Saint Patty’s day: just add pesto.

Sure you have to wear green so you won’t be pinched. I used to throw in a bright green hair ribbon when I was little, and I think we pinned on clovers more than once. Why not give green to your food too? Or greenify your kids’ lunches or get in the spirit during dinner?

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Filled Figs!

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Filled Figs!

Foodwhirl friend Talk of Tomatoes sends us the lovely idea for Bacon Week! Grilled food is always fun, and as Janelle points out, there’s nothing wrong with grilling in the winter.. I have been told—even chastised—for not heating up the grill in the dead of winter.

Spotlight: Basic Tomato Sauce

Spotlight: Basic Tomato Sauce

We are all about the Basics here at Foodwhirl…  Part of becoming a great cook is mastering the go-to recipes that you can then change up and give your own spin.  Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes has a recipe for basic tomato sauce that looks fresh and inviting!


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