Conchigliette & Three Cheese with Lobster & Bacon

I’ve created an elegant twist to an American classic and baked it up in a portion-controlled size. Baked simply in ramekins, each one is filled with nutritious whole wheat baby shells and a delicious blend of three cheeses — gruyere, sharp white cheddar and pecorino romano cheese.

And for that elegant touch, and to create a twist on a classic dish, lobster and crumbled bacon are blended in for a punch of flavor and texture the whole family will love.

From the original site: Earlier this week, I tackled for the first time ever the classic Mac N’ Cheese – with broccoli and two types of cheeses. I can’t even leave anything plain and simple, but that’s just me. With that under my belt, I wanted to take this classic dish to the next level in a variety of ways:

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>>Get the Recipe: Conchigliette & Three Cheese with Lobster & Bacon

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