Easter Brunch: How about a Quiche?

Here are a few ideas!

Or this one, a Rosti Quiche… I love the idea of using potatoes…

“Rosti” Quiche!

When my kids were little, my husband traveled quite often for business. The change in routine and the loss of their favorite playmate was hard for my boys – Mom just couldn’t make the same “growly” sounds as Dad and let’s face it – I just was NOT  good at submarine maneuvers in the bathtub! To cope with this dismal state of affairs, I developed “breakfast for dinner”!!! Smiley faced pancakes and fruit, scrambled eggs with their favorite bacon gave us all something to look forward too – for them it was the novelty and for me it was a welcome reprieve from fixing an entire dinner without my better half/ chief babysitter around! Well, a number of years have passed since those days – my husband now rarely travels and  smiley faced pancakes do not fill up two teenage boys. But on occasion, we still have “breakfast for dinner” – a new and more substantial version though!! Crispy potatoes, eggs, cheese, tomatoes and spinach – a slightly more “elegant” version of an omelette and hashbrowns.

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