How to make a salmon sandwich

Lunch Ideas: Salmon Cucumber Sandwich

How to make a salmon sandwichNeed a nice, healthy lunch, or a light dinner?  I adore fish sandwiches in the summer, and salmon and cucumber are always a nice mix!

I love to cook an extra salmon filet or two (to medium rare) when doing salmon for dinner (maybe Chili Garlic Salmon?), then heating it up the next day for a quick and tasty sandwich…

The how-to is quite simple, I’m pretty sure you can figure it out, but here goes!

[Oh, and see the end of the post, for side dish suggestions to make a full meal…]

(makes 1 sandwich)

You’ll need 1 4-6 oz Salmon Filet (grilled, broiled or pan seared–I like to cook mine to Medium to Med Well for this application.  And leftovers are great for this–just reheat in your toaster oven).  If you’re doing a quick meal in the summer, and don’t want to heat up the kitchen, you can broil a few fillets in your toaster oven for ~10 min…  I just like to season mine with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon. Remove the skin and the dark flesh on the bottom if it’s not to your taste.

(Note, pictured filet made 2 sandwiches)

Now to dress it up for lunch!

Take a crusty roll or slice of cuban bread, split.  Toast briefly if desired, to warm bread.  Spread on Horseradish Mayo*.  Layer on ~ 6 slices (or julianned) cucumber**, then your fish.  Top with your bread, and enjoy!

  • *For Horseradish mayo, just mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise, with about  a teaspoon of prepared horseradish (to taste).  [If you’ve got fresh dill on hand, replace the horseradish with finely chopped dill for a change of pace]
  • **Another option, mix in diced cucumber with your horseradish mayo, and spoon on top of the fish.

Side Dish Suggestions:

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