Prawn, Lime, Cilantro, & coconut Rice Salad

We’ve been following Yummy Supper for a while here at foodwhirl, watching the exotic travels they’ve been up to…

This recipe certainly looks tropical and delicious!

When we were in Australia last fall, I loved scouring all the wonderful cooking magazines from that part of the world. There was a freshness and enthusiasm that really resonated with me. I clipped numerous recipes and kept them folded up in my journal until we had a real kitchen. In Bali, we are cooking a lot. Our kitchen equipment is pretty limited compared to home, but it is unmatched when I think of most cooking spaces we’ve encountered while traveling.

This recipe from Delicious Magazine is a new favorite at our place. The pureed lime, coconut cream, and cilantro are so fresh and tasty that I actually wanted to drink the dressing on its own. The combination of flavors and textures in the final salad is perfect – citrusy, herby, creamy, crunchy, with a hint of heat.

Go read the whole thing and get the recipe:


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