Spotlight: Easy Pad Thai

I adore Pad Thai… it’s one of my favorite comfort foods (ever since the time I had to go to the hospital to have my appendix out, but that’s another story…!)  But I’ve never attempted to make it.  Our friend Patricia at Brownies For Dinner has what looks to be a simple recipe for making it at home, that I just might have to try very soon!

Patricia Says:
I have had a love-hate relationship with Pad Thai for a while now. I loved it when I had it in Thailand and I hated it anytime I ordered it at a restaurant stateside. You see, the so-called Pad Thai I’ve had in restaurants has always been coated in this weird orange-colored sauce that scares me. It tastes funny too. But when I visited Thailand 7 years ago, I learned that real Pad Thai is not orange or scary. Not even a little bit.

I also learned that the peppers in the panang curry in Thailand are not bell peppers like they are over here. I learned this as the locals in the restaurant all laughed at me when I burst into flames. Well, maybe I didn’t burst into flames and maybe they didn’t laugh at me, but it was a lesson I will never forget. Peppers in Thailand are hot… even the ones that look like bell peppers.

Definitely can’t wait to try this!  Go read the whole thing and get the recipe…

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