Spotlight: Potato Gnocchi Tater Tots

I ran across this recipe the other day at Deliciously Organic, and had to save it into my ‘to post’ folder! I love this updated take on that old favorite (and guilty pleasure), tater tots.

I haven’t had this much fun making a recipe in a long time. I noticed these little treats in Food and Wine Magazine and hoped they would taste as good as they looked – they were better! What a blast kneading the fluffy potato with a little flour and arrowroot, rolling it into tiny logs, boiling then frying them to golden brown perfection. They taste way better than the tots you find in a bag.

These tater tots aren’t something I’d make every week, but make a great, fun break from the every-day . . . You could make them with your kids or friends while watching a game on TV, then celebrate victory with crunchy, heavenly potato bites. Coconut oil would be great to fry with, but can be very cost prohibitive. In my research, I’ve discovered peanut oil is good when frying occasionally. Serve the tots with a good organic ketchup or use this delicious recipe from “Kiss My Spatula” for the homemade variety.

Go read the whole thing, and get the recipe!

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