Spotlight! Ramp Pesto

Foodwhirl thinks Manhattan Food Project totally rocks (I think they are as big Alton fans as I am!), and would love to crash at their pad next time we are in NYC… and this recipe is no exception to our drooliness (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word).  Anyway, Ramp Pesto?  How cool!  We love pesto (see here and here)  Apparently ramps are really hot right now.  So if you’re thinking of trying them out, try this!  (Yeah, would be excellent with Homemade Pasta!)

Long ago we extolled the virtues of using pistachios in pesto, an idea posited by the Good Eats ep, Sometimes You Feel Like A…. We’d had leftover ramps from the salsa in the last post and Elizabeth had the bright idea to throw whatever was left of them into the mix, along with olive oil, fresh parm, and the pistachios. I don’t even know what the proportions are, and honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary to report them. Just add by eye and blend (in a food processor or with a stick blender, a standard blender will not work well here, trust me…), modulating the mix with olive oil and nuts until you get a consistency you like,. likewise with ramps and cheese to get a taste you like. There is a mild garlic taste to the ramps, but their subtle fresh oniony-ness cannot be beat or simulated. This is one of those transient food delights (I’m reminded of a Seinfeld episode about to a particular type of peach that’s only available for two weeks a year)that’s here in the spring and then gone, like some kind of delicious green Flying Dutchman.

Well, we are impressed! Go see the whole post and recipe here: Ramp Pesto

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