Spotlight: Stuffed Poblanos

Although I mentioned our Facebook group and Twitter feed this weekend, I forget to mention that we also have a Flickr group. I love Flickr – it’s a fabulous place to share pictures…especially pictures of delicious recipes. I found this lovely recipe from Teenie Cakes in the Foodwhirl Flickr group, and wanted to share it with you here!

This recipe for stuffed poblanos caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to try it.    Even though my local market had a sad offering of poblanos, I whipped these up that evening and really enjoyed making and serving it with Spanish rice.   It was easy, very flavorful and smells so good while baking.    I’m used to making chile rellenos (one day I’ll post about it…it’s a process! – roasting, peeling chiles, stuffing, frying, etc.) so when making these stuffed poblanos and not having to go through the laborious steps required for good, homemade rellenos, I was really happy with the results.   I’ll be making this many times again!

Get the recipe for Stuffed Poblanos at Teenie Cakes!

Looks divine, doesn’t it!

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