Tamatiebredie (Tomato Stew)

This totally caught my eye at The Creative Pot.   Tamatiebredie is apparently a South African dish (I’m not sure I’ve ever cooked South African food!) and it looks really unique and tasty. So, maybe this would be an opportunity to expand those cultural horizons?

Sometimes you need to be daring. That’s when you throw on your best wild woman impression, perhaps enveloping yourself in a little leopart print something and throw caution to the wind.

Other times you’re firmly entrenched in couch potato zone. Ratty hair, ratty slippers, ratty breath. (Don’t judge.) The keyword is quick. Followed closely by “easy”. I really don’t need to explain, we’ve all been there.

But there are some times when you know that the thing you’re about to create is not going to be particularly quick, easy or daring. It might be something that you’ve been meaning to try for some time now, but never had the chance to. Or perhaps something that comes with a generous helping of nostalgia. Something even, that has the ability to make your chest swell with pride.

Go here to get the recipe, and read more!  Tamatiebredie (Tomato Stew)

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