Appetizer Fun: Sushi for Dessert?

April Fools is coming up, and what better way to celebrate with food that’s a little bit unexpected!?  This is a version of ‘Sweet’ Sushi that I’ve made for the past several years, and not only is it delicious & not TOO unhealthy, it’s unique and a lot of fun!  And vegetarian, too — no fish were harmed in the making of it.  If you’re doing an April Fools Party, this would be a great thing to serve.  I’ve done this as an appetizer for Halloween parties too.    Or even make a small batch for the family!

This is really simple to make, and has tons of creative opportunities.

You’ll need:
“Rice” –The base is your basic rice krispy treat recipe.
“Fish” – various dried fruits (mango, papaya, & candied ginger all work well, but just go wild in the dried fruit bins)
“Nori”- green or purple fruit leather (fruit rollups–or the natural stuff looks even better). If you can find nicely colored strips (like Yogos Rollers or Fruit by the Foot) that makes it even easier. For ours, we cut green fruit rollups into strips for the nigiri and used green Yogos for some of the maki. The Yogos doesn’t look as nice, but it worked in a pinch.
– Condiments: Wasabi Peas, Sliced Candied Ginger

1. Make the rice krispie treat mixture. You’ll need to work quickly, so make it right before you start.

2. Form the rice bases.
While the rice krispie treats are still warm and workable, form little rectangular pillows with your hands, about 2-3 in long. We tried making a pan the right thickness and cutting out little bars, but I think this worked a little better (more realistic) — but you can do that and then just round them out with your hands.

Maki: Spread a 3/4 in thick slab (or whatever you want the height of your maki to be, should match the width of your nori strips), and use a small round cookie cutter (I think we used a tomato paste can) to cut circles for your faux maki.

3. Decorate
Mango or Ginger can be used as is, just place on top and wrap with a strip of ‘Nori’.
Papaya looks great if you slice it, exposing it’s lovely orange-red center.
Wrap the sides of the circle with a “nori” strip.
Press small chunks of various colors of fruit or candy into the center of the circle, to give the illusion of a roll.

4. Serve with wasabi peas and sliced candied ginger.

This was originally posted several years ago, on my Arts & Craft blog,, but it’s such a fun idea that I figured you guys would like to know about it too!

Some of my inspirations:
Evil Mad Scientist’s Dessert Sushi
not martha’s Snack Cake Sushi
Brownie Points super gorgeous Sweet Sushi

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