Great Combo: Reuben Eggrolls

This recipe had me a eggrolls. I mean at Reubens. I’m not sure which , because I adore them both. And this combo, sounds like a lovely idea!  (It’s a little late for St. Pat’s, but this would be tasty any time…)

(via The Kitchn)

From the original site: If you have been following me for some time, you probably know that I love anything put inside of an eggroll wrapper and fried. You can tell that by my recipes such as the Thanksgiving Eggroll, or the Mexican Eggroll, or the Filipino Lumpia.

The reuben eggroll is something outrageously delicious, and in my opinion a lot easier to eat. A great appetizer to serve on a St. Patty’s Day party, because after all, all of those beer drinkers out there are craving something like this. Let’s get started.

reuben-eggrolls.jpg (35 KB)

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