Happy Saint Patty’s day: just add pesto.

Sure you have to wear green so you won’t be pinched. I used to throw in a bright green hair ribbon when I was little, and I think we pinned on clovers more than once. Why not give green to your food too? Or greenify your kids’ lunches or get in the spirit during dinner?

Remember the token box of mix that was so simple: ‘just add water’? It is easy to add a festive touch for this holiday: just add pesto.

Pesto adds flavor, color and interest to soups, sandwiches, salads—and ultimately—your experience. Pesto is one of those infamous condiments—touted as traditional Italian food—a sauce that has as many variations as there are chefs to make it. What I adore about pesto (besides its bright green color and the fact that it combines some of my favorite ingredients) is that it is versatile and adds flare to many-a-dish. I figured I would explore some pesto-using ideas, and share them with you. Just buy a jar or make a quick batch of pesto and read:

1. Make this super simple appetizer: with just 3 ingredients you will earn lots of smiles.
2. Not your usual pesto: bring on the cilantro!
3. Add a dollop of pesto to mayonnaise for a ‘new, improved’ sandwich.
4. I adore this pesto, pea and spinach salad from Barefoot Contessa. My sister in law adds in a touch of blue cheese—flavor city!
5. Make pesto now, use as needed. I make pesto from scratch, then freeze it in ice cube trays for later!
6. Add a few tablespoons (fresh or frozen cubes!) pesto to risotto.
7. Add a few tablespoons pesto (fresh or frozen cubes!) to minestrone.
8. Add a few tablespoons pesto to Alfredo sauce.
9. Top Halibut with pesto and grill.
10. Anna from Veggie Venture makes beet pesto—fantastic! (Okay this isn’t green per se…. but someday you might need purple!)
11. After school I sometimes make snacks for my sons—lately I have been making quesadillas with pesto, jack/provolone/mozzarella cheese and chicken.
12. Here is a grilled shrimp and cilantro pesto pizza recipe by Bobby Flay.
13. When you see this easy pesto palmiers appetizer recipe from Eating Out Loud: you will want to make it.

At a loss for how to color your Saint Patrick’s Day green? Just add pesto!

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