Ideas for packing a healthy Kids Lunch

This month were going to be talking about feeding the kids, especially for Back To School.  Our school starts very early (it started this week!) and we have a new kindergartner, so this is a topic that I’ve been thinking about a great deal…

So first off, here are some collected ideas that may help you!

If you don’t like to send snacks and sandwiches in throwaway ziptop bags, how about making your own Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags?  Heidi has a step by step tutorial for it, and it looks like something even my minimal sewing skills could handle!

It pays to learn from the more experienced… here’s some tips from a mom of three: How to Pack Your Kid’s Lunch More Efficiently

Running low of ideas for what to put in your kid’s lunchbox?

I’m collecting up a list of ideas from Foodwhirl readers to share next week… What are your favorite go-to meals for the lunchbox?

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