Reeses peanut butter cup cookies

not your mama’s peanut butter cookies

Reeses peanut butter cup cookies

I recently discovered Becoming Bianca, and this recipe caught my attention…  Remember the Make your Own Peanut Butter Cups from earlier this week?  Here’s some yummy looking cookies which use Reese’s Cups as a primary ingredient–plus only 2 ingredients, how easy is that?!

Bianca says:

I got an email from hubs while he was at work today.

It went something like this, “GOOD USE FOR THE CUPS EH?” and had a link to Picky Palate’s version of peanut butter cookies – with only 2 ingredients! Yes, that’s right folks – 2 ingredient cookies!

It shouldn’t surprise me that (1) hubs is looking on Picky Palate (especially since we all know what kind of eater he is) and (2) that he’s daydreaming about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at 10am – he’s obsessed. In fact, if you recall – he made me agree to registering for PB cups on our wedding registry. Oh yes he did. But he made up for it by taking me to Tahiti, so really – who am I to complain?!?

Go read the whole thing and get the recipe:  not your mama’s peanut butter cookies

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