American ricotta lemon pancakes with buttermilk

American ricotta-lemon pancakes is the first surprising recipe I could make after having been out of kitchen for over one month with a broken elbow. But everything is fine and I can slowly start moving my arm again.
The recipe is very easy, not surprisingly as the complexity of the movements I can make is still very limited. When I saw the recipe, I thought the combination of ricotta with pancakes could be very interesting. It reminded me of the Belgian blue cheese bacon waffles I made a few months ago. Though the taste is of course very different, the ricotta gives the pancakes a real fluffy texture. The dough is very thick, but the pancakes are perfect.
These pancakes can be served for breakfast or dinner, or any other time of the day. I prefer the combination with red fruit and honey, as it fits well with the ricotta. If you want you can of course also add cream or other sweeteners.
The inspiration for this surprising combination comes from the blog cooked by Julie. Sometimes I find very inspirational ideas there.

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