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Bacon! How about Bacon Vodka?

Welcome to day 4 of Bacon Week!
This is an oldie but goodie… I remember when Brownie Points posted this way back in 2008 and I was inspired to go draw up a cartoon pig bacon vodka label*, and give a friend of mine a “Bacon Vodka Kit”** for Christmas. But maybe, just maybe, you’ve never seen this, and never been inspired by the idea of Vodka, with the Essense of Bacon. I could totally see this in a Bloody Mary, or maybe a dirty martini… (Not a vodka fan? Baconify your Bourbon!)

McAuliflower writes: bacon_vodka by brownie points
I admit, I can’t remember the singular event that conspired to the creation of this bacon vodka. It came to life this Christmas and found home in a tasting kit of vodkas I made for friends and family. If you have time, bacon and vodka, you too can have this tasty elixir in your hands.

What to do with it you ask? You can give it away as a gift, use it in a Bloody Mary, Make a Bastardized Cloudy Martini (a real martini doesn’t have vodka) with it and a blue cheese stuffed olive. I haven’t tried this one, but I can recognize the appeal of a Pickle Juice Sport made with bacon vodka (that’s pickle juice mixed with vodka).

It is also wonderful when mixed with date syrup for a sweet bacon cordial. It can also be poured into a spray bottle and used to spritz just a touch of smoky bacon flavor to salads, toasts or stews… wherever you want to add a touch of flavor.

Perhaps a dab behind the ears?

Read the Whole thing at Brownie Points!

*Which I’ll post, upon request!

**the kit consisted of a package of bacon, and bottle of vodka, and the cute drunken pig lable!  I’m not sure exactly what he thought of it :)

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