Bacon Wrapped Cheese Filled Figs!

Foodwhirl friend Talk of Tomatoes sends us the lovely idea for Bacon Week! Grilled food is always fun, and as Janelle points out, there’s nothing wrong with grilling in the winter..

I have been told—even chastised—for not heating up the grill in the dead of winter. I am beginning to heed that advice, taking off the grill cover once in awhile for a seafood or beef marinated skewer, some easy to make burgers and even a pile of grilled veggies. The thought of it warms me to the core: I like this grill-in-the-winter concept. It does make you feel like you are making summer proud, offering it a stake in taking over another season or in the very least enjoying the culinary nod of outdoor cooking wherever, whenever.

That said, even if you are snowed in right now, the sunshine peeking through here is beckoning me to step outside and grill a bit. And even if it rains, I can tuck under the eaves of my home while grilling, taking some forlorn, summery flavors and bringing them inside to my early spring table (feel free to don the snowsuit or umbrella if your grilling commitment requires braving the elements!).

Get the recipe here!

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