Birds Nest Macaroons for Easter!

I love this simple idea for an Easter or Spring themed sweet treat from Sunday Hotpants!  Something a little unusual, and tasty too…  (Sigh, I don’t like coconut… I wonder if anything else could be substituted and still get the same effect?)

She writes:

I’m not very good at getting things posted for the holidays, they usually come and go and I’m left thinking ” oh yes… that’s right .. I forgot about that” But this time I remembered to make something for Easter! Most likely because every time I go into the supermarket I am visually bombarded with chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes, it’s a reminder that it’s coming up.

I spotted these tiny little chocolate eggs, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make with these as soon as I saw them. I could just picture them sitting in little nests for Easter. They are less than half an inch from end to end.

These cookies were fun to make and the adults enjoyed them as much as my five year old did.

Read the whole thing and get the recipe!

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