Brussels Sprouts & Toasted Pumpkin Seed Salad

Check out this unusual brussels sprouts recipe from The Taste Traveller …  Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cheese, and roasted nuts make this sound just lovely.

Are you thinking about your menu for Christmas? Well, here’s a fresh idea for those poor, often unloved brussels sprouts and a different way to serve them with any meal this fall or winter.

Raw brussels sprouts? That’s right. I got this idea from one of my favourite blogs, 101 Cookbooks, and have been meaning to try it for some time. I love cabbage, so this seemed like a great idea as they really are like mini cabbages. To make it my own I used my current favourite salad addition, toasted pumpkin seeds (which also seem rather appropriate at this time of year), and added chopped apple just before serving. I used grapeseed oil with apple cider vinegar the first time, and olive oil and lemon the second. I encourage you to give this a chance.

Read the whole thing and get the recipe at The Taste Traveller!

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