Buttermilk, Cornmeal Pancakes with Corn Salsa

This recipe is so light and colorful and makes a perfect meal for a summer day. I just love how sunny this dish looks. It is light in flavor yet quiet filling. The corn salsa just takes the pancakes to a different level, the combination of flavors are very satisfactory.

The corn salsa is such a simple and quick recipe but is LOADED with a lot of flavor. I have made it many times (actually almost every time) when we have a party and have got compliments non-stop.
I served the pancakes with some home made sour cream mixed with adobo sauce. The adobo enhanced the flavor of the dish by adding a nice smoke and a little heat. It is totally optional to add the adobo, if you don’t like the heat you can skip it and use the plain sour cream instead…that will taste delicious too.

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I am a vegetarian! I was raised a vegetarian but started eating meat when I moved to Ohio in 2003 for various reasons. But in 2009 I gave up meat completely for ethical reasons. I have been meat free ever since. Although you will not find me talking about how everybody needs to leave meat all the time….but I try to contribute in spreading the awareness by making flavorful vegetarian and vegan recipes from different parts of the world and posting them on my blog.

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