Chandan keshariya bhapa sandesh

Sandalwood flavoured steamed cottage cheese desserts

The other day it was Maha Shivaratri… It is one of the biggest festival celebrated in India ….

I can recall the memories of this festival as early as my pre-school days when I used to accompany my grandmother to the nearest Shiva temple…barefoot, amazingly attracted towards my grandma’s basket…incense sticks, milk and Gangajal in bell-metal pots, curd, fruits, flowers, belpata, chandan and of course sweets…specially crafted by her for God Shiva to please Him and seek His blessings for all of us……

And I would wait patiently for her to complete the puja to get pieces of these special sweets after offering to God (prasadam!) ….of all the sweets that I remember, my favourite used to be chandan kesariya bhapa sandesh…

As the years passed by, I also joined my mother and grandmother in observing a vrat on this auspicious day and pray for the well-being of my family…Today miles apart from home in the loving memory of my grandmom ,
I made this special sweet on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri…

>>Get the Recipe: Chandan keshariya bhapa sandesh


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