Chocolate Mousse

I thought of many desert recipes for the Valentine’s Day but I myself never prefer to get into baking mess at the last minute of my romantic meal so Chocolate Mousse is perfect desert for me when you want to sit, relax and enjoy your desert rather than concentrating on your oven. Prepare Chocolate Mousse the day before, pop it into the fridge and simply serve after the dinner with fresh strawberries.

From the original site:

Many people do not prefer mousse because they do not prefer raw eggs and I am one of them but I love this recipe because in this recipe eggs are cooked up to certain extent to kill bacteria and also the smell of egg yolks. Whenever I make this mousse for my friends I add a teaspoon of Khalua also just to have a hint of coffee liquor but that is totally optional even with dark chocolate only this mousse is decadent.

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