Cilantro Pesto

Cilantro Pesto is for all of us in the Cilantro Lovers Club! I am dolloping this on everything that won’t move.

From the original site: Once you make this herby deliciousness, what should you do with it?
Here are some ideas:

boil or roast some new potatoes and then toss some of this pesto with them
spoon a bit on top of some creamy polenta
slather a bit on a toasted piece of Bruschetta
stir some into cooked rice or quinoa
stir some into mashed potatoes to flavor them
spread some onto bread for your sandwich
mix some with a bit of mayo for a cilantro-y sauce for a simple grilled fish
use it instead of chopped parsley for your tabbouleh salad
mix some into ground beef or pork or lamb when you are shaping hamburger patties
stir a dab into your eggs before you pour them into the hot frying pan to scramble them
spread some onto thickly sliced summer tomatoes and sandwich with slices of fresh mozzarella
dab onto your refried bean and cheese nachos when they come out of the oven
slather onto a tortilla before you add your fillings and roll into a burrito

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