Cute! Mock Sushi Eggs

Hopefully you’ve used up all your leftover easter eggs by now, but if not, this is a cute idea! Did you know you can reshape a boiled egg in an egg mold (even after it’s been used as an Easter egg)? Over at Hapa Bento, Debra explains how! And here are some she reshaped in a fish shaped mold to make faux sushi. (Dot loves any kind of faux sushi!)

Okey dokey! I’m out of leftover Easter eggs so this will be the last of the boiled egg tips for now. Today’s eggs are again re-shaped using a fish mold then fashioned into a mock sushi!

In case you missed the post on how to transform your egg-shaped egg… :) please see this article for the step by step instructions.

Anyhow… using a fish shaped mold, you can make a fun mock sushi! Just cut in half length-wise and press into a mound of seasoned rice. For today, I used a blend of yellow saffron rice and regular Japanese white rice then mixed it with some nori furikake. One of the “sushi” is wrapped in a shiso leaf and the other in strip of nori asmy failed attempt to disguise the crack that suddenly appeared!

Read the whole thing at hapa bento!

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