Delicious Hotplate Tofu with Prawns

Hotplate Tofu is one of the very popular Chinese cuisines in Asia and a hot favourite too. If you don’t have a hotplate to make this yummy dish, just use any metal pan like this one that I have bought from Daiso for just $2! The result is just as delicious minus all that the sizzling.

With the Grey Prawns ( 灰虾 ), Pork Minced Meat ( 碎肉 ), Egg Tofu ( 蛋豆腐 ), Red Chilli ( 红辣椒 ) and Spring Onion ( 葱 ), I made this Hotplate Tofu ( 铁板豆腐 ). For those who can’t take pork, simply replace with chicken instead.

>>Get the Recipe: Delicious Hotplate Tofu with Prawns

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