Easy Fall Treats – Pumpkin Pies and Apple Pie Cupcakes

Sometimes we just need a sweet treat.  Here’s a couple of quick and easy recipes from reader Celeste at Cooking Creations to get you in the sweet Fall mood…Personal Pumpkin Pies and Apple Pie Cupcakes!

I have been searching the internet and cookbooks for some autumn treats a lot recently. I have come across so many great ideas and I wish I had time to try them all! As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to make them instantly. Two of my favorite treats in one! I used my own favorite vanilla cupcake recipe with the apple pie filling. These are SO good! I think the only thing that I would change for next time is drizzling a little caramel at the bottom before putting the apple pie filling in and calling them Caramel Apple Pie Cupcakes.

Read the whole thing, and get the recipe: Apple Pie Cupcakes

Check out the Mini Pumpkin Pies, for more inspiration!

Thanks for sharing your website with us, Celeste!

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