Eggplant Bites with Red Sauce

I love eggplant… (Eggplant fried up nice and crispy is one my guilty pleasures!) so this take on a bite sized appetizer portion of eggplant parmasan at Talk of Tomatoes sounds pretty tasty!

Bites, nibbles, crumbly blobs of Parmesan and breadcrumbs on small pieces of eggplant. This experiment made at least a dozen rounds in my kitchen before reaching this blog. It sounded good, but unless I took out duck-tape, the ‘breading’ had no inclination whatsoever to actually stick to the eggplant. I tried egg whites and whole eggs, small sized eggplant and eggplant cakes. The taste profile worked: it is a mini appetizer rendition of eggplant parmigiana. But not if it doesn’t stick together.

But I kept trying. The red sauce for dipping is one of my favorite recipes, especially because you can make it a few days—months if canned—in advance. And not everybody makes eggplant, so it is a bit of a treat. And I will say, a small bite of eggplant covered in bread, cheese and served with ‘pizza sauce’ is not a bad way to introduce children to this nutrient-rich veggie.

Go read the whole thing and get the recipe:  Eggplant Bites with Red Sauce!

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