Fettuccini with Fresh Corn Pesto and Pancetta

This is a creative take on pesto that is perfect when corn is in season. As an expat from the United States currently living in the Middle East, finding fresh, sweet corn was a treasure and this recipe was perfect for highlighting the wonderful flavor of this seasonal ingredient!

From the original site:

Living abroad in theMiddle Easthas taken us on many adventures. From the cultural to the culinary, we have had so many amazing experiences thus far. While it is fun to try new foods, discover new ingredients and learn different cooking techniques; sometimes I still crave the familiar. I miss this time of year inFlorida(orVirginia, or D.C. orMinnesota-all the other places I’ve lived) when sweet corn is in abundance at every grocery store. I miss going to the grocery store and seeing the huge bins of corn, peeling back the husks to check the cob, and walking out with pounds of super sweet, super fresh corn for pennies on the dollar.

My nostalgia took over last week when I walked into the grocery store to buy some bread and milk and saw none other then fresh sweet corn from the good ‘ol U.S.A. While there was no large bin, the husks were already removed and the price was staggeringly expensive, I just had to buy it.

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