Fish and Chips

A Delicious Fish and Chips recipe to make right at home!

From the original site:

Fry Hard is definitely an appropriate title for this episode. I’m not sure how long it will take to get the fry smell out of my house, but it was totally worth it! We fried potatoes and fish a.k.a. Chips and Fish. I was also able to try for the first time my new V-slicer Mandolin. I’ll have a review later on my other blog here about it. I’m not a big fish eater and getting one that doesn’t taste like fish in the desert is sometimes a challenge. I also have to have fresh caught. There’s just something about fish farming that gives me the creeps! Trader Joe’s never disappoints. For this recipe I picked up a nice piece of Alaskan, fresh caught Cod. You could also use Halibut, Pollock or any firm white fish. Alton doesn’t recommend using Tilapia unless you really hate fish. I used peanut oil instead of safflower oil because it would have cost me $50, and I don’t have AB’s budget. These were definitely Good Eats! Also great for fish tacos as a leftovers idea.

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