Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatore

This recipe uses a roasted red pepper sauce in place of tomato sauce and it makes for a hearty flavorful hunter’s stew. Tomato seems to be in everything these days and I can understand why, it is simple to open a jar and add. But this roasted red pepper sauce is just as easy and will add some needed variety!

From the original site: I recently put together this TF Chicken Cacciatore recipe and it was such a success I thought I’d share. I used a jar of unmarinated roasted red peppers, but I’m sure you could roast your own if you preferred. I’m just not sure how many you’d need – the 32oz jar gave me 4 cups of puree. I think if I were to roast my own, I might try roasting the onions as well.

Tomato Free Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatore.jpg (296 KB)

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