Gulab Jamun Cake

I’m very fond of fusion dishes and I always find myself experimental with this type of cuisine. Fusion Cuisine doesn’t fall under any particular cuisine style and has played a part in innovations of many contemporary restaurant cuisines since 1970’s.

It’s really very innovative and at the same time challenging to fuse elements of different culinary traditions into one style of cooking. I usually try to experiment with some traditional dishes and give it a new look and feel.

This time I tried to experiment with a basic Vanilla cake and Gulab Jamuns. When it comes to cakes you can have zillion of creative ideas. I did it with Gulab Jamuns this time. Yes, a Gulab Jamun Cake….it sounds so Royal, isn’t it?

You can make this scrumptious cake with store bought cake and gulab jamuns but I like to do everything from scratch so I made a basic Vanilla cake, mini gulab jamuns, buttercream frosting and finally assembled them.

>>Get the Recipe: Gulab Jamun Cake

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