How Fun! Broken Glass Jello for Valentine’s Day

Valentines is almost here… want a quick and easy v-day treat?  Well, this looks like the ticket!  The Food Librarian has a lovely recipe for this Broken Glass Jello.  Really, no glass involved though, hehe.

The Librarian Explains:

Last year, I posted 5-layer Valentine’s Jello and it was very popular. But what happens if you want an even easier gelatin treat (or you don’t have a level refrig?) Make this very easy version of Broken Glass Jello. You don’t even turn on your oven!

You only need a few ingredients from the store: Jello, sweetened condensed milk, and Knox unflavored gelatin. You also need time. I usually make this over a two day period – Make the blocks one night, and finish it the next morning or day.

Read the whole thing!

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