How to cook Bacon in the Oven, and More!

Foodwhirl’s lovely friend Carissa, from Good N Crazy, had a great bacon filled post last week that I wanted to include in Bacon Week. She not only shares a very successful method for cooking bacon in the oven, with less mess, but also a bunch more interesting links!

I do NOT love cooking bacon. Who does?
I recently had to cook a colossal amount of the crispy stuff for my daughter’s band fundraiser…
A POTATO bake sale.

I checked first to see what Google Thinks about cooking gigantic gobs of bacon.

Here’s what Google Thinks…

* Using the Grill
* In the oven with a cooling rack over a pan
* In the oven but starting cold
* In the oven but starting pre-heated
* And finally Make Your Own Bacon… huh??

Here’s how I ended up doing it.

Go read the whole thing!

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