How to make a Dr. Who Dalek Cake

I can’t resist tooting my own horn, and linking you guys to a tutorial I wrote up over at my craft blog,  Since it’s actually food related, I figured you guys would like to see it here.  Link: Make Dalek Cake Toppers and Cake

From the original site:

This cake is really make in two parts. The Daleks on top are ‘toppers’ and they are put on the cake at the end of the process. They aren’t made out of cake, but they are (almost) completely edible and tasty. This makes everything much simpler, as you don’t need to be able to store a really tall cake like this, and you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up before presentation. I created the base and the toppers separately, and just assembled it the morning of the party.

So what are the Daleks made out of? Well, the main body is an ice cream cone, the head/neck is chocolate, and it’s decorated in candy and fondant. Neat huh?

Read the Whole Thing: The Dalek Cake Tutorial

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