Jamaican Banana Bread

As it so happens, I got a little banana crazy a month ago, and started buying a bunch of banana every week. I like a banana, but I really only like them when they are still just off the green and beginning to turn yellow. Once they turn fully golden I find them a little hard to get down – and when they start to brown, it becomes a textural hell, and I just can’t stomach them. I had 2 that had gone the way of the dark side, and me being the cheap bastard that I am, even though there was no way I was going to eat them, I just could not bear the idea of throwing them in the trash.

From the original site:

Jane and I both make a mean banana bread, but it’s the hot cocoa, crackling fire kind of bread, and I just didn’t want anything that heavy for these hot sweltering summer evenings. I came across a recipe for a Jamaican Banana Bread that was lighter, so I went to work on it to make it closer to something I’d want to est.

Get the Recipe: Jamaican Banana Bread

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