Leche Poleada with Empanada Dippers

This is my new twist on a traditional Salvadoran food, empanadas made out of plantains (empanadas de platano). In El Salvador, empanadas de platano are usually eaten coated with sugar.

In this recipe I make a vanilla egg custard (leche poleada) that I use to both dip the empanadas into, as well as to fill them with. I serve the pudding and the empanadas in a martini glass for some extra flare! These are not your grandma’s empanadas, that is fore sure – they are way better!

From the original site:

Empanandas, to most people, are indeed those mini puff pastries full of meat and veggies.  But, to the Salvadoran, empanadas are something else all together!
In El Salvador, empanadas are actually sweet!  And their little “shells” are made out of platanos, not flour. What’s inside an empanada de platano, also referred to as an empanada Salvadorena?  Usually a creamy, semi- sweet, milk filling that is a little like a custard, a little like a pudding, and just so right for the center of a moist platano.  This filling is usually called  leche poleada, or just “poleada” for short.

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