curry wrap with chicken, raisins and nuts recipe

Make-ahead Lunch: Curry Chicken Wrap

Yummy lunch idea from Janelle @ Talk of Tomatoes..

curry wrap with chicken, raisins and nuts recipeWhy haven’t I done this all along? Made a big batch of chicken salad or chicken curry salad ahead of time, for a quick-and-easy insert into tortillas/pita pockets for ‘lunch this week’?

I sometimes buy the little raisin and nut packets to put in my sons’ lunches. But one of my sons wasn’t too keen on the combination—the nuts make the raisins taste like nuts, he tells me. But I will eat nuts alone… or raisins alone.

So now I buy mixed nuts… and little boxes of raisins.

And with the separation of the two, I find it easier to reach for either nuts or raisins—when I am putting together a dish. In this case, raisins came out of the box and went into this chicken curry salad. Another mixed-up appearance in lunch; do you think it makes the raisins taste like curry? Here I think the combination is fantastic: it includes sweet bites of apple, carrot and raisins with the crunch of celery and zing of green onions, curry and pepper.

Read the whole thing and get the recipe! Curry Chicken Wrap

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