Make Homemade Tomato Paste

Red Cordial Revolution has a very tasty looking how-to for making your own homemade tomato paste..  I love this idea… I’ve never tried to make my own before, but this sounds easy.  She also suggests adding additional flavorings like anchovies, eggplant, or olives!

After making this oh-so-super-easy homemade tomato paste you are never going to buy any ever again. Even if you don’t grow your own tomatoes all you need to do is go to the market and buy a box of over-ripe tomatoes and some locally grown garlic and you are set for the most amazing smell to waft throughout your house.

I use this tomato paste as a flavouring in soups and casseroles and stews – yes its fantastic for that. But also its perfect for pizza, for dips and even sandwiches. Use it anywhere you need a tomato tapenade or extra burst of flavour.

Read the whole thing!

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