Melanzane al Funghetto

I was prowling through one of my Neapolitan cookbooks and stumbled on Melanzane al Funghetto or Eggplant Mushrooms. And – depending on whatever reference book I was looking at it refers to either cooking aubergines in the style of mushrooms… or cutting and cooking them so they look like little mushrooms. Either way, neither taste very much like a fungi.

It’s typically served as a side dish or as an antipasto or as a topping for a bruschetta, but I was more in the mood for pasta and opted to toss it into some broken spaghetti.

From the original site:

Although the additional ingredients will vary from recipe to recipe, there is usually the eggplant, another textural component (I’ve used ripe olives) and a salty/tart component like capers or lemon rind. I’ve chosen to go a more regional approach and used anchovies – and I tossed in a little Feta… since it was pasta

Get the Recipe: Melanzane al Funghetto

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