Mini Burgers with Spicy Potato Patties

Love this idea for vegetarian option for burgers… a spicy potato patty!   And the ingredients sound divine:  potatoes, carrots, leeks, sour cream, parsley and chipotle in adobo.  Everything’s better with chipotle in adobo!

From Veggie Zest:

I have been meaning to make this dish, well technically for a very very long time. The entire time I was living in the States I always felt that there was such a huge dearth of vegetarian burgers…starting from all the nice restaurants to the fast food chains. At the most Burger King has a bean burger for vegetarians that I am so not crazy about.

I could never figure out why did they never think of making a simple potato patty to make a vegetarian burger?! McDonald has an aloo tikki burger in India…aloo tikki is Hindi for potato patty.


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