Mom’s Chili for Spicy Seniors

Just because you’re 80 doesn’t mean you need to put up with bland food! This is a very flavorful chili recipe whether you are 8 or 80! My 3rd-grade son asked me to make it 2 nights in a row.

From the original site: In went a few kinds of dried ground chiles, in went some allspice, which gives Cincinnati-style chili its distinctive flavor, in went some cocoa powder, common in Mexican moles, some vinegar for tang, some cumin and coriander for a warm spicy feeling.

This is the best kind of chili – use what you have on hand, build layers of flavor, and let it soar.

Bowl and spoon on angle_1.JPG (358 KB)

>>Get the Recipe: Mom’s Chili for Spicy Seniors

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