Moong Dal-Quinoa-Oats Chilla /Cheela/Dosa/Pancakes

“Moong Dal-Quinoa-Oats Chilla/Dosa/Pancake” – Can the name be any more healthier ;)
Well, this my GoTo breakfast recipe most of the time or especially when i’m guilty of eating too much fried/sweet stuff. The healthy and tasty part is quite motivating and the batter can be made and frozen for like 2-3weeks….

From the original site:

We have all heard this before – But how many times do we really follow it specially the “eat breakfast as king” coz we never have time in the morning to make anything as we arlways late or rushing for things……hence mostly we end up eating cereal/bread/fruit…..our defination of a king’s breakfast ;)

Long story short…..hence we are always looking for quick and healthy breakfast recipes not only to satiate our hunger but also provide us some part of our daily nutritional value and offcourse the biggest reason – It has to be yummy in my tummy !!!

Get the Recipe: Moong Dal-Quinoa-Oats Chilla /Cheela/Dosa/Pancakes

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