Poached Pear in Spicy Mango Nectar

Classy Poached Pear in Spicy Mango Nectar served with home made Mango Ice Cream

From the original site: Everyone in my family simply loves mangoes. I remember we had a big mango tree back home and my mom used to pick fresh mangoes in the morning and make countless recipes with this tender fruits right from spicy pickle to a rich smoothie. Last week my husband suggested we try some thing different & do some poached pears in mango syrup. After some extensive brainstorming we arrived at a recipe for poached pears in spicy mango nectar and home made Mango Ice Cream. This is by far the most adventurous we’ve gotten with our mangoes. I’m missing the fragrant Dussehri and Alphonso mangoes from back home. Anyways, the outcome from the mangoes from nearby supermarket was great. 

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